Friday, November 17, 2006

21st Annual Cleveland Christmas Connection

My wife and I spent most of Friday at The Cleveland Christmas Connection at the IX Center. It features over 900 booths of funky, unique and affordable arts, crafts, retail and decorating items for your holiday shopping! We got a start on our Christmas shopping and I got autographs from several Cleveland Browns alumni.Ken Konz (DB 1953-59)
Vince Costello (LB 1957-66)
Ross Fichtner (DB 1960-67)
Sam Rutigliano (Coach 1978-84)
Matt Bahr (K 1981-89)

I also picked up a new CD by Mr. Jingeling, The Keeper Of The Keys called Story & Songs. Mr. Jingeling has been a Cleveland tradition since 1956. I've been looking for his theme song for a while now and this year is the first time it has been made available. It's not the original version, but it will have to do. Here's the track listing for the CD --

1. Mr. Jingeling's Jingle
2. Story of "How Mr. Jingeling Became the Keeper of the Keys"
3. "I Have The Key"
4. Mr. Jingelings Jingle Sing-Along Version
(tracks 5-24 are blank)
25. Hidden TrackHere's the lyrics to Mr. Jingeling's Jingle --

Mister Jingeling
How You Tingeling
Keeper of the Keys
On Halle's Seventh Floor
We'll be Looking for
You to Turn the Keys

Instrumental Break

He Keeps Track
Of Santa's Sack
And Treasure House of Toys
With Wind Up Things
That Santa Brings
To All Good Girls and Boys

Mister Jingeling
How You Tingeling
Keeper of the Keys
On Halle's Seventh Floor
We'll be Looking For
You to Turn the Keys


Anonymous said...

I would love to find a copy of the original Mr. Jingeling theme. Do you know when this one was recorded?

I don't see this CD listed on the website you link to. Any idea how I could get a copy?

Rick Kvoriak (

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

Hi Rick,

I emailed the website and this is what they told me -

"Eventually it will be available on the website. But there are a number of retail outlets around Cleveland who are carrying the CD. Many of the Borders and Barnes & Noble stores have it or could order it for you. Also, Cleveland and Beyond in the Old Arcade Downtown, The Trading Post and Gaelic Imports on Pearl Road, Creative Gifts at Parmatown, Northrop Bookstores (all locations), Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, and Blue Ribbon Screen Graphics in Lakewood.
If you have any problem finding it or your friends are out of town, call us at Traditions Alive Company, 216-226-6200 and we will help you locate a copy or copies for your friends
Thank you and Merry Christmas
John, assistant to Mr. Jingeling"

Hope this helps...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the words to Mr. Jingeling. My boyfriend and I argue about this a lot( in fun) now I have something on him. Do you know where I could find so good Ghoulardi thing?

Tim Lones said...
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