Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Scrap Happy

Hello, my name is Erick...
(Hi, Erick!)
And I make scrapbooks.

Yes, I'm a scrapper and proud of it. I go to the local Archiver's on crop night and scrap with the ladies.

I made the above poem for a swap in an online scrapbooking group I belong to. Here's how a swap works -- First, the hostess chooses a theme (this one was Halloween). Each group has 12 people in it. Each person makes or buys 12 of the same thing (topper, stickers, paper, poem, brads, ribbon, etc.). You then mail your items to the hostess and she splits them up so that you get one of each different item and she mails them back to you. Hopefully I'll get back some cool stuff to make a Halloween scrapbook.

1 comment:

Dave said...

My wife is big time into scarpbooking, and often does swaps on one of the online forums. Not sure of the name of it though. I'll have to tell her about this one. Thanks.