Thursday, July 03, 2008

America The Beautiful

Time for some patriotic music.

First up is Tennessee Ernie Ford's album America The Beautiful (originally released in 1970). A special thanks to the original uploader of this album.

Track Listing

1. America, The Beautiful
2. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
3. America
4. This Is My Country
5. God Bless America
6. This Land Is Your Land
7. Our Land, O Lord
8. America, I Love You
9. The Pledge Of Allegiance
10. The Star-Spangled Banner

Click the link below to download --

--> America The Beautiful <--

Next is Henry Van Dyke's 1909 poem America For Me read by Vincent Price. I thought this would fit perfectly with my recent Monster Bash posts. This track was originally uploaded last year by Lee at the wonderful Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else. Be sure to check out his blog for more great Independence Day music.

Click the link below to download --

--> America For Me <--

And last, my Independene Day Mix from last year is still available. Here's the track listing --

1. Opening Dialogue - Johnny Cash
2. America The Beautiful - Hayley Mills
3. Armed Forces Medley - The U.S. Army Band & Chorus
4. Dixie - Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops
5. God Bless The USA - Dolly Parton
6. National Anthem - LeAnn Rimes
7. Over There - James Cagney & Frances Langford
8. The Pledge Of Allegiance - Children Of America
9. The Presidents - Animaniacs
10. This Land Is Your Land - Cisco Houston
11. Yankee Doodle Dixie - Chet Atkins
12. America - The Muppets
13. America, The Dream Goes On - John Williams & The Boston Pops, voc. James Ingram
14. Battle Hymn Of The Republic - SheDaisy
15. God Bless America - Kate Smith
16. Liberty Tree - Disney Vocal Chorus
17. Old Glory - Heritage Choir & Orch.
18. Star-Spangled Banner - KISS
19. The Preamble - Schoolhouse Rock
20. There's A Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere - Elton Britt
21. Yankee Doodle Boy - James Cagney
22. You're A Grand Old Flag - Disney

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Azathoth said...

Awesome Vincent Price track! I'll have to include it the next time I put together a compilation of Price stuff. I wonder what album it came off of, I've never seen it before.

Have a Happy 4th!

Azathoth said...

oops, looks like I posted too soon. It turns out I have indeed seen that Vincent Price track before, I guess my brain was having a senior moment earlier :P

Its from The Heart of America in Poetry album only the introductory dialog before he starts reading the poem is missing (maybe that's what threw me off). There's some other tracks on the album that are good for the 4th of July as well.

I went ahead and posted the whole thing along with Great American Poetry on my blog:

Vincent Price - American Poetry Pack