Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Atlantic City: Slot Machines

Whenever we go to casinos, my wife and I only play the slots. We never win really big, but we have a good time. I did manage to walk away from a KISS machine with $190.

Here's a few photos of some licensed slot machines I snapped with my phone while we were in Atlantic City.

Me playing KISS

KISS Again

My wife playing KISS

Godzilla on Monster Island

Godzilla again

The Munsters

Elvira's Secret

Hee Haw

Universal Monsters


Michael Jones said...

That is a cool Godzilla one-armed bandit.
If I could stand the noise and the smell of a Pachinko, I'd like to stroll through one sometime just to snap pics of all the Licensed pachinko and Slot machines.

Jamdin said...

Love the Elvira slots and thanks for sharing :)

~P~ said...

Whenever MY wife and I go to Casinos (although, we haven't gone to A.C. in many a year [over a decade - and while the only Casino we've visited in recent memory was the local "Mount Airy" in the Poconos a few years back] we too only play slots.

It's not too expensive and we almost always walk away with more than we came with. (The secret is to ALWAYS pocket half of what you win, no matter what, so you at least get back when you came with, and try to play with the "house's money" to get more).

Still, as HUGE Godzilla fans, we;d LOVE to see those!
(And I'd not mind an Elvira machine at that.)

Sadly, since slots stopped paying out ACTUAL coins and only make a digital "ching-ching" sound as it credits your play-card, we've lost any interest.

It's just not as "real".

Thanks for the pics!