Monday, July 22, 2013

Blogiversary's, Birthday's and Tattoo's

On July 18, Wonderful Wonderblog celebrated it's seven year blogiversary and this is my 1023rd post! It sure doesn't feel like I've been doing this that long. Lots of things have changed in seven years. I used to share out-of-print music. I don't do that anymore since they started cracking down on it. Although I may still put together an occasional compilation. Also, I don't blog as much as I used to. I seem to always feel too tired or I just can't find the time to do it. I guess that happens when you get old. :)

Speaking of getting old. Next Monday is my 47th birthday. If anyone wants to get me a present, you can check out my Amazon Wish List at the bottom of the blog. I thank you in advance. lol  I got my first birthday gift today in the mail from my brother. He bought me Marvel Essential The Defenders Vol. 6 and a weird little stuffed Hulk. Thanks bro!

And from my wife, I'm getting a tattoo. She's not actually going to do it, she just agreed to let me get it. This will be my first tattoo (mid-life crisis?) and I'm a little nervous. I'm getting a classic Sal Buscema Hulk on my right calf (see picture below). Also, It will be in full color. I'll post some photos after I get it this Saturday.

If any of you have a nerdy, dorky, retro, pop culture, comic book, cartoon, monster, sci-fi or just plain cool tattoo that you'd like to share, you can email a picture of it to me and I'll put them together for a future post.

Thanks everyone for checking out Wonderful Wonderblog. I hope you get at least a little enjoyment out of the dorky stuff I post here!


The Goodwill Geek said...

Congrats!!! Still love the blog.

Dex said...

Just had my 2nd on the 13, congrats! Goin kinda big for the first tat, eh? lol

Caffeinated Joe said...

Kudos on all the celebrations! And good luck on the tattoo, post pics!!!

Erick said...

Thanks Goodwill Geek! I'm a fan of your blog also.

Congrats Dex. I figure if I'm gonna get a tattoo, I might as well go all the way. :)

Thanks Caffeinated Joe. If all goes as planned, pics will be up Saturday night.

Stephen said...

Happy anniversary/birthday, Erick! Seven years already? Keep it up!