Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween Tree Ornaments

Who has a Halloween tree? I have one this year and will show some pictures of it sometime before Halloween.

If your looking for cool ornaments, your best bet is Hallmark. They actually make Halloween ornaments along with some nifty monster/horror themed Christmas ornaments (and one Thanksgiving). Take a look at what's new in 2015 --

AMC Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Ornament

Beetlejuice Movie Ornament

Cookie Cutter Halloween Mouse Ornament

Da De Los Muertos Ornament

Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Here Comes The Pumpkin King Ornament

Disney The Nightmare before Christmas Oogie Boogie Halloween Ornament

Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc. Little Monsters Ornament

Grateful Gobbler Turkey Keepsake Cupcake Ornament

Gremlins Gizmo To The Rescue Ornament

Happy Halloween Zombie Ornament

Mattel Monster High  Frankie Stein Ornament

Planet Of The Apes Dr. Zaius Ornament

Predator Ornament

Punkin' Kitty Keepsake Cupcake Ornament

Scooby Doo A Christmas Scareol Ornament

Carlton Cards also makes some cool Christmas ornaments. Here's their monster ones this year.

King Ghidora



I also found this ornament made by Adler.

Day Of The Dead Bride & Groom

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