Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lucky Devil

I'm disappointed with the Ohio Lottery this year. They've had Halloween themed scratch off tickets every year since I started posting these in 2008. Last year was The Walking Dead and in 2013 it was Ghostbusters. They do have this ticket called "Lucky Devil", although it's not  meant to be a Halloween ticket.

I bought two tickets and neither one was a winner. Bummer. Maybe next year!

See all of my big winner tickets here.


Jamdin said...

I was a little disappointed with Kansas Lottery this year too. They had Zombie Adventure for their $2 tickets that just featured the Motoped Survival Bike that could be won. Would have been much cooler if they would have shown at least one zombie. There is supposed to have been Plants vs Zombies $5 tickets released but I never found any around here. I was surprised that they didn't have any Halloween-related $1 tickets.

Todd Franklin said...

Yeah, same with Missouri. They ditched Halloween for The Wizard of Oz. Hopefully the Halloween card will return next year.