Monday, October 26, 2015

How I Made My Shrek Costume

When my wife and I decided to dress up as Shrek and Fiona, we googled a bunch of tutorials and YouTube videos on how to make the costumes. Below are some photos of how I made mine.

I found a brown sweater vest and a tan long sleeve Henley shirt at the thrift store. I cut the vest in half right above my belly and cut off the collar and the bottom of the sleeves on the shirt. I also rubbed some coffee grounds on the shirt to stain it up a bit.

 I made the ears using a pair of devil horns I already had and hot glued some green felt around them.

 The day of the party I shaved my head and cut off my beard!

I used a shoe string to tie the vest together. Bought some brown and green checkered lounge pants at a discount store. Buckled a belt around mah belly. Used green grease paint make-up on my hands and head and drew on some bigger and darker eyebrows. That's about it. Hope you enjoyed my Shrek costume!


Bob Johns said...

All I can say is you nailed it!

Jamie Ghione said...

I agree with Bob. You did a great job.

Erick said...

Thank you Bob and Jamie!