Sunday, June 12, 2016

Funko Sunday!

I'm a huge fan of stuff made by Funko! I've become quite addicted lately and I usually get at least a couple of pieces for my collection every week. So, I thought I'd share them every Sunday night. At least that's my plan for now, but don't hold me to it. :)

Let me know if you collect anything Funko!

Here's what I picked up this weekend. A Horror Classics Series 2 Mystery Minis empty display box. Adam Bomb GPK Mystery Mini, I was really happy to get this one! And a The Nightmare Before Christmas Devil ReAction figure. I got all of these at Target.

Here's what I got last week. I posted this on Wonderful Wonderblog's Facebook page last week, but I'm going to start putting them on the actual blog now.

Here's a picture of most of my collection from a few weeks ago.

Lastly, there is a Pop! icon generator on the Japanese Funko site. I made Pop!s of me, my wife,  our son and his girlfriend.

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