Sunday, June 19, 2016

Funko Sunday!

I had a pretty good haul this week!

Last weekend I went to several different Kohl's looking for the exclusive 75th Anniversary Captain America Pop! None of them had any, but one said they thought they were coming in this week. He took my name and number and said he'd call me. I got the call on Tuesday! Yay!

On Saturday I went to Barnes & Noble's and bought three Mystery Minis. I got an Iron Man I already had and two new ones. Kane w/ Facehugger is a rare 1/72. Scarlet Witch is a common. Not too shabby. :)

 Here's my Top 10 in my collection according to the Pop! Price Guide:


Michael Jones said...

If you ever get a spare Godzilla, I would not turn it down as a present. (Very few venues here carry the Funko Pops and, to date, I haven't seen any of these Mystery Minis.)

Erick said...

Michael -- Unfortunately, I don't even have a Godzilla for my collection. But if I do get an extra one, it's yours.