Friday, September 03, 2010

Heroes Archives

I just opened a box of Heroes Archives trading cards from Rittenhouse Archives.

I really loved this show when it first started. But, after the first season, it kind of got off track. I don't think the creators knew what to do with it. Oh well, I still enjoyed watching it. Hopefully they'll eventually make a mini-series or TV movie to tie up some of the loose ends.

Each box contains 24 packs with six autographs and one relic card randomly inserted. Here's what I got --

1 full set of 72 base cards plus doubles
3 of 9 Quotable Heroes
2 of 8 Heroes Generations

Autographs --
David Anders as Adam Monroe (limited)
Ashley Crow as Sandra Bennet (limited)
Bruce Boxleitner as Robert Malden
Katie Carr as Caitlin
Alan Blumenfeld as Maury Parkman
Zeljko Ivanek as Emile Danko

Relic card --
Claire Bennet's shirt from the episode "Pass/Fail"

Not too bad. I would have liked a Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell or Malcolm McDowell autograph. But, this will have to do.

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Michael Jones said...

I'm enjoying Season 3 much more than I did 2. I'm a sucker for circuses.