Friday, October 29, 2010

Request: Elvira Fright Sound Tape

A reader over at the Moongem Comics blog is looking for a digital copy of this 1987 cassette tape made by Imagineering. If anyone has this, please let him know. I wouldn't mind having a copy myself.


Jamdin said...

Thanks for passing the request on, Erick.

Anonymous said...

This tape was just recently uploaded on Youtube:

Anonymous said...

Youtube video was shut down, so now it's on DailyMotion.

Analysis of this recording sounds like this cassete was originally SUPPOSED to be MONO, but was run through an effects box to generate a pseudostereo track so they can stick "IN STEREO" on the box, much like most Halloween tapes. You can reduce it back down to mono, but it's preferrable to have this done to a fresh scan of this tape as the Dailymotion copy's volume looks a little too loud for a scan. There's a lot of quality lost. Best way to scan is highest bitrate you can, half volume. More stuff will be kept instead of mashed out of range.