Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Dynamite Monsters

Do you remember Dynamite magazine? My brother and I loved this magazine in the late 70s. Unfortunalely we don't have them anymore. Here's some spooky covers and posters from the collection of JasonLiebig on flickr.
Dynamite Issue 012 - Subscription Cover
Dynamite Issue 013
Dynamite Issue 018
Dynamite Issue 028
Dynamite Issue 062
Dynamite Issue 083
Dynamite Issue 090
Dynamite Monster Movie Poster from 1976Dynamite Magazine Monster Poster - 1976
Count Morbida Poster from 1976Scholastic - Dynamite Magazine - Count Morbida insert poster - by Arthur Friedman - 1976
And here's a "fantasy cover" by JasonLiebig.Fantasy Cover - Stretch Monster Dynamite Magazine - 1977

I have the following books in my collection.

Count Morbida's Monster Quiz book from 1980. I scanned and posted this entire book in five parts back in 2008.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
The Dynamite Monster Hall of Fame from 1978. Maybe someday I'll scan it too.
I also have Magic Wanda's Dynamite Magic Book from 1976 (buried in a box of books somewhere). What other monster related books did Dynamite release?


Wings said...

Now that post is Dynamite! ;)

Love the covers, and I seriously remember some of these!

Rik Tod said...

I had several of these issues. I especially remember the Sleestak cover. Sadly, none of them made it to my dotage. I would give my eyeteeth (if I actually knew what they were) to see the full issue with the Amazing Randi in it.

Retro Hound said...

Wow, I remember a lot of those. I think the Moster Poster was 3-D, at least things like the eyes were.

JD said...

I loved Dynamite as a kid! Never saw the Rick Springfield/Stretch Monster cover though - that's hilarious!

John Rozum said...

The Invisible Man issue was the first issue I had. I had a really long run, but the only other issue here I remember having was the one with The Bride of Frankenstein, Lee as Dracula, Teenage Wolfman cover. I still have the poster with teh shrinking man etc. on it, and might still have the Count Morbida poster. I also own the monster movie book. I think the Sleestak issue might have been one you needed to get a Summer subscription for. I only did that for one or two Summers. It's too bad that Scholastic doesn't revive Dynamite for kids now.

Stephen said...

I used to love that Count Morbida. Ah, the good ol' days.

Crystal said...

wow, I was JUST thinking about these magazines like YESTERDAY! Great minds think alike! :) Thanks for sharing. These are DYN -o- MITE! (couldn't help myself, sorry)

Michael Jones said...

I have never seen that mag! I guess it never made it Toronto. Too bad, I would have snapped it up!

Mother Firefly said...

I used to subscribe to this, too. Many of these covers look familiar...once again, you manage to bring out blasts from the past that I'd forgotten about!