Saturday, October 04, 2008

Count Morbida's Monster Quiz Book (Part 1)

Who remembers Dynamite magazine from Scholastic? My brother and I loved this magazine when we were kids. One of the best parts was always Count Morbida.

I found this book at a thrift a few years ago, it was originally published in 1980. I'm going to share it in several parts over the month.

On to part 1 (click on the images to enlarge) --

Tune in next week for the next thrilling chapter of Count Morbida's Monster Quiz Book --

"The Bat Yard"


Anonymous said...

I had that! I still have an issue of Dynamite Mag with Universal Monsters on the cover and Count Morbida's Monthly Puzzle Pages inside.

This is so cool to see. :D

John Rozum said...

This is a great post, Erick. I had every issue of Dynamite frm the one with David McCallum on the cover up through "The Empire Strikes Back"(even though I was really too old to be getting it then) and even subscibed to it over the summer.

I only have a few issues now because, as Dynamite wold say "A bummer is when a water pipe bursts in your parents basement and destroys your collection of Dynamite magazine."

Thanks for posting some Count Morbida.

Dane said...

I loved Dynamite! The Bummers, the Dynamite Duo, the 3-D posters, it's all good!