Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Stuff: Frankenstein Motion-ette

I thought I'd showcase some of "My Stuff" in my monster collection.

First up is the Frankenstein Motion-ette made by Telco in 1992. He stands about 16 ½ inches tall.

EDIT: You can see more motion-ettes at The Gallery of Monster Toys.

Telco Frankenstein Motion-ette 1992
Telco Frankenstein Motion-ette 1992
Telco Frankenstein Motion-ette 1992


Admin said...

do you have any roky erickson? or Screaming Lord Sutch?

Erick said...

Sorry Bones, I don't have either.

Lee Hartsfeld said...


I have a similar push-button-motion Frankenstein figurine, but it's not as cool as this. My coolest-ever Frankenstein monster toy was a Hallmark wind-up, believe it or not. It was ruined in storage when I put it next to a very cheap rubber toy, which it reacted with. Part of Frankie's face dissolved, paint and plastic together. Very odd. As if the poor guy hasn't been through enough over the years.

Todd Franklin said...

This was a great monster set and I think they even made a Creature and The Bride. I only had the Wolfman.