Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Instant Lottery

My post the other about the Franklin-Stein Cash instant lottery tickets from the Ohio Lottery got me thinking about what other instant tickets look like from other states.

Todd from Neato Ghoulville posted his Haunted Fortune from the Missouri Lottery at the beginning of the month.

Here's my challenge to other Halloweenie bloggers -- go out and buy a spooky instant ticket and post it on your blog for the world to see. And then leave a comment here.

Oh and if you get a big winner, I accept PayPal :)


Jamdin said...

I posted my two Kansas Lottery Haunted Hause tickets in response to your challenge.

Todd Franklin said...

Hey, that's good idea. I'll look forward to seeing other states. I hope everyone else is more lucky with there cards than we were.