Thursday, October 03, 2013

Hembeck Horrors

I've been a fan of Fred Hembeck's cartoony drawings and squiggly knees ever since he got into the comic business in the late 70s. He's still drawing and selling sketch cards on eBay. He posts everything he draws on his Facebook page and that's where I found these monster sketches. I've broken up the sketches into different groups and will make a few "Hembeck Horrors" posts this month.

You can find more Hembeck on these sites:

The first group is classic monsters.

Bride of Frankenstein

Frankenstein's Monster


Hammer's Frankenstein monster

I Was a Teen-Age Frankenstein

I Was A Teen-Age Werewolf

Invisible Man

The Thing From Another World

Tor Johnson (Plan 9 From Outer Space)


Young Frankenstein