Saturday, October 26, 2013

The 46 Scariest TV Show Themes Of All Time

Well, I finally finished putting together a Halloween music compilation before Halloween! lol

This mix features the theme songs to scary TV shows from this online story The 50 Scariest TV Shows Of All Time.

The article is two years old and I could only find 46 of the 50 themes. But, I still think it's pretty cool. The tracks are in alphabetical order, not in numerical order like the original list. Plus, the quality may vary on some of the tracks. Hopefully it sounds OK. I haven't actually listened to it all the way through.

Click below to download. I hope the link will stay active until at least Halloween!

The 46 Scariest TV Show Themes Of All Time


Craftypants Carol said...

cool! thanks!!


i glad to see you were able to put together another creepy mix for all the boils and ghouls

Anonymous said...

hello, could You upload again 46 scariest show themes? PLEASE - mediafire link is broken. Better is - faster and without deleting!