Sunday, October 06, 2013

Ye Olde Hallowe'en Photos

Here, again, are some of my favorite old Halloween snapshots that I've shared many, many times before. I hope everyone's not tired of seeing them.

1972 - I am Batman! My brother Scott is Superman.

1975 - I'm the hobo with the black hat and my brother is Steve Austin. The others are friends Tom, Joyce and Kelly.

1979 - Me as Gene Simmons.

1984 - The Nerd Family! Me, mom, dad and brother.

1987 - Me as the Grim Reaper and friend Claudia as a witch.

1988 - I'm a trooper in the Zombie Army!

1995 - I'm the Wolfman. With friends Tom, Brianna and Eric.

1996 - Our first Halloween together. With my future wife Ginny and son Kenny.

2003 - Me as the Skipper and former co-worker Ron as Gilligan.

2004 - I'm Uncle Fester!
2004 - Uncle Fester again.

2004 - My nephew Seth as the Hamburglar.

2005 - Hey, hey, hey! I'm Fat Albert!

2005 - My son as the headless butler.

2011 - Waiting for the beggars.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Never tire of the old pics! Cool costumes!