Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Is The Mansfield Reformatory Haunted?

Today's post comes from Wonderful Wonderblog follower Ben Peterson. He took a tour of the Mansfield Reformatory and shares his story and photos. The Mansfield Reformatory is an old prison located in Northeast Ohio. Some of you might recognize it from The Shawshank Redemption. Click this link for more info including the Halloween Experience!

Take it away Ben --

It was first opened in 1896 and stayed open until 1990. Though there were no executions ever held there, there were countless murders and deaths through the years, leaving restless spirits to wander the 250,000 sq ft.

As you enter the yard you see a massive castle, or medieval style building, almost too nice to be a prison. The high tower and detailed stone work are impressive as you consider the age of the building and what it must have took to build. Then you find out later they used the first inmates to build on the addition to the prison.

The temperature changes greatly through the building, almost as if the chills of the past rush around you. The sounds of restless lost souls echo up from the cemetery at the back of the property, as a reminder, that as you walk from room to room or cell to cell, you are so far from being alone.

This picture was taken in a pitch black room, nothing but the chair in it. It felt so weird sitting there, still don't know what the glowing on my shirt is from, maybe proof we weren't alone?

This is the chapel, the most calm place in the whole prison.

This is the tallest free standing steel jail block in the world, the doors all close with the pull of 1 lever, the guides told of stories of an inmate getting his head crushed as they closed.

Imagine , just imagine being locked down here.

The entrance to the prison.

Some cells at times held 3 people.
For 9 bucks a person, it's well worth the trip, if you believe in ghosts or not, this place might make you change your mind.

This is the link for when Ghost Hunters went.

Thanks Ben for the great story and images!

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