Monday, October 04, 2010

Haunted Fortune Doubler

Here's this year's Halloween themed ticket from the Ohio Lottery. We bought five tickets and won six bucks on one of them. Oh well, at least I'm a dollar ahead.

Mayor Todd over at Neato Ghoulville also posts his lottery ticket each year. Click here to see if he's a winner.

You can also see my (losing) tickets from the last two years --
Strike It Witch
Franklin-Stein Cash

What does your state's Halloween lottery ticket look like? Let me or Mayor Todd know.


Rob said...

My favorite from a few years ago was Count Cashula.

The Frog Queen said...

I am going to go out and see what is available in our fun!


Simonewarrior said...

I remember owning the Dynamite Monster Hall of Fame but aside from that back stories of the monsters and the actors who played them, my possibly flawed memory remembers there being instructions on how you could make your own costume to emulate the monsters too with items found at home! Am I wrong? Did my mind actually merge two of my favorite monster reads into one?!? I would love to be able to find the book that had those instructions for nostalgia sakes as well as to share them with my kid for fun. Anyone know what book I'm thinking of???