Sunday, October 09, 2016

DeBord's 21st Annual Halloween Festival

DeBord's Annual Halloween Festival is a massive FREE family friendly event that features TV's big Chuck and Little John, Son of Ghoul, 12 bands, 4 dance groups, 115 clubs and vendors, drum circles, hay and train rides, wrestlers, roller derby girls, costume contest, trick or treat, pizza eating contest, SCA group, Ghostbuster clubs, food vendors, costume characters, kids games, DJ's and so much more.

I hung out there for a couple of hours on Saturday. Here's some of the stuff I saw.

I found a Charizard!

Big Chuck, Little John and Son of Ghoul

Pizza eating contest winner


Bulldog said...

Those wax packs were awesome. I would have gone broke. Great photos and it looks like a good time. Nice that it is free. Awesome post.

Erick said...

Thanks Bulldog. I love old wax packs. Fortunately I already have most of those. I'd like to have that Planet of the Apes pack, but I didn't have $30.