Monday, October 24, 2016

The Quarter Box (Halloween Edition)

Here's the monster books I've recently bought out of my local comic book stores quarter box. They're not in the best of shape, but they are fun!


Tom said...

When I was about 9, I came into possession of Marvel Team-Up #12 which featured Werewolf by Night in a "team-up" (translation "brawl") with Spider-man. Previously, I had only read my brothers' Silver Age Spider-man comics featuring all the classic villains. I had completely missed the Bronze age Marvel Monster rage, so I was like "What the what?". I do recall one particular panel when the Werewolf first attacks Peter Parker in a little coffee shop and his shirt is torn open and you can see his costume underneath and I was like "OH MY GOD! EVERYONE'S GOING TO KNOW WHO SPIDER-MAN IS!!!!!"

Erick said...

Haha! Great story Tom. My brother and I were into the bronze age monsters.

xXShulkieXx SMASH! said...

I LOVE Werewolf By Night! I've read all of the comics online, it's pretty awesome!