Wednesday, October 12, 2016

POLL: Who's Your Favorite Frankenstein's Monster?

There have been many interpretations of the Frankenstein's Monster. It would be a very long poll if I tried to list them all. So, I picked 10 of my favorites. Which one is your favorite?

Pick your favorite in the sidebar to the right. I don't believe the sidebar shows up on cell phones, so you'll have to use a home computer or laptop. Poll ends October 31, 2016.

Boris Karloff

Glenn Strange

Christopher Lee

Fred Gwynne (The Munsters)

Peter Boyle (Young Frankenstein)


Marvel Comics

Michael Sarrazin (Frankenstein: The True Story)

Tom Noonan (The Monster Squad)

Clancy Brown (The Bride)


Tom said...

I know I should vote for Karloff, but I had to go with Glenn Strange simply because he was my first exposure to Frankenstein via "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein". By the way, not sure if it takes a while to register, but my vote for Strange didn't show up in the results. THIS POLL IS RIGGED!

Erick said...

Tom - It shows one vote for Glenn Strange. Hopefully it was yours. I probably should have made the poll "Who is your favorite Frankenstein Monster besides Boris Karloff." :)

cptlou(ret) said...

No mention of Kiwi Kingston in Evil of Frankenstein

Erick said...

I suppose he would go under "other". Sorry, I couldn't list everyone who played the monster. :)

JohnYoung said...

Gotta be Karloff. He's the one I think of when I imagine Frankenstein's monster. Honorable mention to Peter Boyle and Fred Gwynne, though.