Tuesday, October 06, 2009

FMOF Monster Files: ROC

Back in the late 70s, 'Famous Monsters of Filmland' had a page near the back of the magazine called Graveyard Examiner. It looked like a newspaper and featured small stories, puzzles and Monster Files. You were supposed to cut out the Monster Files and collect 'em all. Unfortunately I did just that.

By this time, FMOF had ditched a lot of the monster content and ramped up the sci-fi thanks to Star Wars. It didn't bother me at the time because I was (and still am) a huge fan of Star Wars. But, the older issues of FMOF are still the best.

I'll be posting a bunch of these this month, starting with this one from issue #145 July 1978 --


Azathoth said...

This is super cool and brings back memories. I'm looking forward to seeing all the monster files you post.

I wish I still had all my FMOF magazines, I only have a few I managed to rescue from the great apocalypse of 198? (not sure of year but I remember the horror), wherein most of my magazines like this as well as my collection of almost every original star wars toy and a great many other things that would later turn out to have perhaps been worth something as a collectible found themselves unexpectedly disposed of without my consent in the annual neighborhood garage sale ("you don't need this crap anymore, you're too old for it" ARGH!)

The silver lining on that black cloud, I suppose, was that I got my first real computer out of the proceeds.

Peter Bernard said...


OK sorry, I was channeling Uncle Forry for a second there.

Drake said...

Wish i had a scanner to scan my old FM issues (i kept them all from the late 60's until the last issue), the magazine was the coolest. Great post!

John Rozum said...

Great idea for the countdown. I'm looking forward to seeing these again without having to unbox my FMs.

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