Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Photos - 2000s

My Son, Freddie
2001 - My son as Freddie.

Halloween 2003
2003 - Former co-worker Ron as Gilligan and me as the Skipper.

Halloween 2004
2004 - Me as Uncle Fester. Probably my favorite costume.

Halloween 2004
2004 - My nephew Seth as the Hamburglar.

Halloween 2004
2004 - Frankenstein jack-o-lantern I carved.

Halloween 2005
2005 - Me as Fat Albert.

Halloween 2005
2005 - Ron as Scooby-Doo.

Halloween 2005
2005 - Ron (Orko) and his friends as the Masters of the Universe.

2005 My Son The Headless Butler
2005 - My son as the headless butler.

2005 was the last year we dressed up.


glows said...

Those are some great costumes! I have to say, you look very much like Uncle Fester dressed up as him!

I have a costume party to attend on Friday but it's hard coming up with some ideas last minute. I've been thinking of ideas all month long but nothing has come to me so far that really would be fun to dress up as.

Thanks for the share...I always wanted to dress up as Freddy Krueger!

Erick said...

So glows, what did you dress up as?

Jay Amabile said...

Man, that He-Man and She Ra crew ROCKED! Awesome costumes!