Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Old Halloween Decorations

I've been searching the internets for pictures of Halloween decorations that my folks put up every year in the 70s. These pictures come from eBay auctions, flickr, blogs and anywhere else I could find them. We had a lot more, but I haven't found pictures of them yet. Here's what I've come up with so far (click on pictures to enlarge) --

For more vintage Halloween, check these out on flickr --


Azathoth said...

This reminds me I haven't gotten around to getting our decorations out yet this year. I better get on that. Maybe I'll try and take pics of some of the old ones from ages past.

2vs8 said...

cool, thanks for the places to go, places to be!

Belle Dee said...

Wonderful stuff. Makes me think of bulletin boards that would be decorated with these at my elementary school when I was a kid.

My grandparents had a similar plastic light up jack o lantern from Empire. It had a witch's hat & was sitting on a corn/hay stalk. They got rid of it without telling me, but I was able to find one on ebay for a reasonable price. I usually put it in the window at Halloween.

Thanks for sharing, and including the links!!

glows said...

I love old Halloween decorations. Most of the ones we have at home are old. They were probably around before I was born. I keep this wax Dracula figure that used to glow in the dark in my room. It used to be in the Halloween decorations box but I stole it because I love it. It looks like the pumpkin and the pumpkin/witch figure.

I'll have to check these links out next chance I get. Quite cool.