Friday, October 02, 2009

Halloween Specials

They just don't make Halloween specials like they used to. I think the only one they still show on TV is the Peanuts. Thankfully they are available at places like Amazon. If you buy them now, you should have them in plenty of time for Halloween.

Here's some classic (and not so classic) specials --

Click here for horror and monster movies.


Wings said...

Can't afford to purchase any, but we already have a few, and will be on the look for those that do air on the tube in the next month!

wiec? said...

i saw the Paul Lynde one last year. it was a mind scrambler. don't remember the Fat Albert one but the price is right. think i'll snap that one up.

2vs8 said...


maybe you can help, i am looking for a general web-site or blog that has information on non mainstream horror scores. i have checked on amazon for down-loadable music. i guess if i find a place that features horror films, i can track down composers who score these... maybe in your travels you have found a place.

thanks for any or all help...

2vs8 [aka jeremy]