Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Hits

Need more music for your Halloween party? Well, here it is.

Dan at the Halloween Hits Website has been sharing a Halloween mix every year for the past six years. But you'd better hurry and get them. He takes them down on Nov. 1.

Here's some other Halloween compilations you might want to check out --

Paul's Ramblings - Vintage Halloween Wax
Invade My Privacy - Aaron's Halloween Mix 2009!
Everybody Taste - The Wolfman's Got Nards: A Halloween Mix
Condemned To Rock 'N Roll - Anglopunk’s Bloody Good Halloween Mix 2009
Little Black Star - Sarah's Halloween Mix
B Movies and Beyond - Halloween Mix 2009
Awesomest - Imaginary Radio Vol. 20 - Halloween
Any Major Dude With Half A Heart - Any Major Halloween Mix 2
Hey Don't Worry, You Live 'Till You Die - 1st Annual Halloween Mix – All Hallows Eve Mix


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

really thanks! great stuff

glows said...

Thank you because I need to get myself some to listen to for the next few days!

John Glenn Taylor said...

Great sharity! I, too, have a halloween mix up. Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these links. I don't want to miss any Halloween mixes.

Anonymous said...

me too!

i made some mixes too!

Anonymous said...


Wyatt Jett said...

Dude! Thanks for the mention! It's funny, I actually stumbled onto your blog in years past when I was trolling for Halloween music for my list, I love it! I posted a second Halloween mix, too, just the other night:

Oh, and no, you CAN'T have too many toys and comic books... ;)

Erick said...

I'm glad everyone liked the Halloween mixes.

Never too much spooky music.