Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Creature By The Jayhawks

Does anyone have the song The Creature by The Jayhawks? I need it for a compilation I'm working on. I'd really appreciate it if someone could send me a link to it. Thanks and Happy Halloween!


UniversalHorror said...

It's on the compilation "These Ghoulish Things" (I assume you mean the song "The Creature From Outer Space"?). Dave has it on his blog here:

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

Thanks UH. I was searching online for it and have seen it listed as --

The Creature
The Creature(From Outer Space)
The Creature From Outer Space

I assume they're all the same song.

Anonymous said...

"The Creature" and "The creature from Outer Space" are two different songs. The first title was released on "Elvira Presents Haunted Hits" on the cassette version only. The CD did not include it or a few other songs like "King Kong" by Big T Tyler, "Martian Hop" by The Ran-Dells, and "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" by Lewis Lee. I have both the cassette and cd as well as the "Ghoulish Things" CD, but have no way of downloading it to share.