Friday, October 05, 2007

Dressing Up At Work

I worked at a local music store from 1997 until earlier this year when they went out of business. One of the cool things about the place was that they didn't mind if we wore Halloween costumes at work. I was always trying to think of which "overweight" TV character I could dress up as. The following photos are what I came up with.

2003 - My co-worker Ron as Gilligan and me as The Skipper

2004 - A couple of pictures of me as Uncle Fester

Fester and Bob (RIP)(not his real hair)

2005 - Fat Albert
(this one got a lot of looks from customers in the store)

Me with Ron as Scooby-Doo


UniversalHorror said...

Did you ever dress as Ralph Kramden, with Ron as Ed Norton?

"Bang....ZOOM!!" :-)

jeremy said...

man i am digging (like a grave...ha, ha)your site, you are not afraid to be you... all the time! us big people need love too... well that is what i tell my wife...


ps. too the moon alice!

Todd Franklin said...

Great costumes! If they ever do another Addams Family movie they need to give you a call!

Stephen said...

Erick, those are great! Thanks for sharing them.

Reggaexx said...

Those are some awesome costumes - your Uncle Fester is dead-on!

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

Universal Horror -- We did think about dressing up as Ralph and Norton, also Laurel & Hardy. Ron left the company in early 2006 and by October it wasn't any fun working there anymore. So, I didn't dress up.

Jeremy -- "Big Is Beautiful" :)

Todd, Stephen, Reggaexx -- Thanks for the wonderful comments. The Uncle Fester costume turned out really well. Besides wearing it at work, I also wore it trick-or-treating with my son and at McDonald's.