Sunday, October 28, 2007

Monster Movie Music Request

Does anyone have, or know where I can find, the theme music to Phantom of the Opera, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Dracula? I need the ones from the original classic black & white movies. Thanks for any help with this.

I also would like to thank everyone for visiting the Wonderful Wonderblog during The Halloween Countdown 2007. I really do appreciate it. I'm sorry if I don't respond to all of the messages in the comments section. I've been working a lot of overtime and trying to make a post-a-day plus reading all of the other excellent Halloween blogs has taken up most of my time. Thanks again and Happy Halloween.

I know this has been shared on other blogs, but I think it's really cool --'s Monster Initial Stickers Name Generator!

My brother and I had tons of these when we were kids. I still have a notebook somewhere with these stickers stuck all over it.


UniversalHorror said...

Which "original" movies do you mean? For DRACULA (1931) with Lugosi, the theme music was from Act II of Swan Lake. For DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE, the opening theme music was Bach Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor....and for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, it depends on which version you mean (I assume you mean the silent Chaney original from 1925). That one has had many scores done for it over the years. On the first two, if you simply want DVD rips of the music right from those two movies themselves, I can do those up for you if you like.

UniversalHorror said...

Forgot....I was referring to the 1931 version of JEKYLL AND HYDE with Fredric March. Also, Universal used the same recording of Swan Lake when they made THE MUMMY with Boris Karloff.

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

Thank you UH. I had a feeling that you could help me out. I downloaded The Mummy and Dracula by Phillip Glass from your blog already. I guess I could use the Phillip Glass version of Dracula so that It is different from The Mummy. I really would appreciate that Jekyll & Hyde rip. Do you have any of those 1925 Phantom scores? If not I'm probably going to have to use the Andrew Lloyd Webber version. Thanks for the help.

UniversalHorror said...

The Webber overture wouldn't be bad, actually, since it is an organ theme. The Glass piece isn't bad, but using the Mummy beginning would be good since they basically used the same piece of music but with a different intro (as I mentioned above). Will work on getting the Jekyll & Hyde piece ripped. I'd definitely use the Phantom overture by Webber....that's a good idea. Keep looking at my blog now and then for a couple of things I'll be posting.

UniversalHorror said...

Go to my blog, Erick....I just posted two things there you might be able to use (you might find the one very interesting). Did the Jekyll/Hyde theme up for you. :-)