Thursday, October 11, 2007

Creepy Autographs, Part 1

This is the first of (hopefully) several posts featuring my creepy autograph collection.

First up are some autographs I got at the Monster Bash. The first Bash I went to was in 2005 where I got these...

Sara Karloff, daughter of Boris
Forrest J. Ackerman (Uncle Forry), former editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland
Bob Burns with the original Wolfman cane head and as Tracy the Gorilla from The Ghost Busters
Monster artist Basil Gogos
This one is also signed by Rob Zombie

Artist Kerry Gammill


And here is, by far, the BEST autograph in my collection...
Max, The Drunken Severed Head
This is a rare photo of Max with his prosthetic body and his Voodoo Queen behind him

This one is from the 2006 Bash...
Zacherley, The Cool Ghoul
Autographed CD
Autographed album cover


Max the drunken severed head said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Max the drunken severed head said...

It's so hard to type with your nose...

My previous comment, which has vanished because of my techno-bungling, was this:

I most certainly will be buying the drinks the next time we meet, Wonderful Wonderblognar!

I thank you a googol units of 13 karat gratitude!

Stephen said...

Great stuff, Erick. Good ol' Ghost Busters, nice to see one of them is still around!

Anonymous said...

good times to be had...


Lee Hartsfeld said...

These are tomb much! I mean, too much!

Fangs for your photo scarity! I mean, sharity!

(Darn this key-boo-ard.)


Dave said...

Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing.

Rozum said...

Great stuff, Erick. I also really liked the post of your parents' costumes.

egorschamber said...

Hi Erick -- cool blogsite! I was googling for photos of Sara Karloff for a current art project when I stumbled onto your pageful of autographs from Monster Bash, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that a couple of the signatures are on things I designed! I did the "4SJ's UFO" caricature for Forry Ackerman, and the cover, label and the rest of the packaging art for John Zacherle's "Interment for Two" CD.
I'm also the webmonster of "E-gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts," so I appreciate how much work goes into a site like this. Hope to run into you at the Bash this year -- I haven't missed one yet, though I haven't been involved with putting it on like I was for the first five years or so.
Keep up the great work!