Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trick-Or-Treatin' In The 70's

Here's some photos of me and my brother, Scott, from the 1970's --

1972 - My bother is Superman and I'm Batman (peace dude)

1975 - I'm the hobo with the black beard, my brother is The Six Million Dollar Man

Late 70's - Me as Gene Simmons

My brother as Peter Criss


megomuseum said...


Stephen said...

Fun stuff, Erick. Weren't we all hoboes at some point when we were kids?

Eddie Riff said...

Fantabulous fotos! I think the '72 photo is an all-time classic!!! Peace, dude, indeed! I know that I had a hobo mask one year back in the '50's. With jeans and a plaid shirt, what more did you need?

UniversalHorror said...

....which shows how long that Batman costume was around (Ben Cooper costume, right?) because I certainly had that very same costume in the late 60's!

pika23 said...

I love the Norm costume...i recognized who it was before i read the caption...sooo funny!

As a touch of 80's nostalgia for ya, I was Punky Brewster for halloween 1985

also new to this site, and i love it already!! Cant wait to check out some of the cool links as well.

pika23 said...

sorry for the double post...but OH MY GOD!!! first poster is the Plaid Stallions guy!! wow! Love your site too!