Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who's Your Favorite Quasimodo?

According to Wikipedia, there have been 15 movie adaptions of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I've selected what I think is the top five versions of Quasimodo. Who's your favorite? Vote in the poll to the right.

Lon Chaney, Sr. (1923)

Charles Laughton (1939)

Anthony Quinn (1956)

Anthony Hopkins (1982)

Disney (voiced by Tom Hulce) (1996)

I think the Chaney version is iconic and I love it. But, my favorite is probably Laughton. I've never seen the Quinn adaption. I remember seeing the Hopkins version when it originally aired and liked it very much. I even have it on VHS. I have to say that I also like the Disney version, even though it has been "Disneyfied".


Prof. Grewbeard said...

Laughton? i voted for him!

MrJeffery said...

charles laughton by far.

Michael Jones said...

Laughton gets my vote as well.

Anonymous said...

Charles Laughton is the Best Quasimodo

Anonymous said...

Charles Laughton and none else. The movie isn´t quite like the book but he´s really good.

belart said...

For me ,its Anthony Quinn..I grew up with that version..he isnt as qrotesque as the other versions and has an almost huggable,big brother appeal to him!