Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well, here it is, the most wonderful time of the year! I can't believe I made it. A post every day in October. They may not have all been great posts, but there was one every day. Thank you to everybody who stopped by this year. I really appreciate it. I hope you found something entertaining or at least mildly amusing.

My only plan for tonight is to hand out candy to the kids trick or treating.

I'll probably take a week or two off from blogging (unless somebody famous dies). I might spend the time looking at all of the Halloween blogs I missed during the month. Hopefully when I come back I'll have the Favorite TV Theme Song compilation ready. Check out that post and leave a comment on your favorite themes.

And now I leave you with some photos from WTF Costumes --


Friday, October 30, 2009

FMOF Monster Files x 4

Here's the last of the Famous Monsters of Filmland Monster Files. Well, actually there were more of them, but they featured homemade monsters submitted by readers.

BUCK ROGERS from issue 157 September 1979 --

MOONRAKER from issue 159 November 1979 --

DOC SAVAGE from issue 161 March 1980 --

IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE from issue 162 April 1980 --

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Hits

Need more music for your Halloween party? Well, here it is.

Dan at the Halloween Hits Website has been sharing a Halloween mix every year for the past six years. But you'd better hurry and get them. He takes them down on Nov. 1.

Here's some other Halloween compilations you might want to check out --

Paul's Ramblings - Vintage Halloween Wax
Invade My Privacy - Aaron's Halloween Mix 2009!
Everybody Taste - The Wolfman's Got Nards: A Halloween Mix
Condemned To Rock 'N Roll - Anglopunk’s Bloody Good Halloween Mix 2009
Little Black Star - Sarah's Halloween Mix
B Movies and Beyond - Halloween Mix 2009
Awesomest - Imaginary Radio Vol. 20 - Halloween
Any Major Dude With Half A Heart - Any Major Halloween Mix 2
Hey Don't Worry, You Live 'Till You Die - 1st Annual Halloween Mix – All Hallows Eve Mix

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 Best Halloween Songs

For your listening pleasure The Wonderful Wonderblog presents The 10 Best Halloween Songs as rated byAOL listeners.

Track List
1) Danny Elfman: 'This Is Halloween'
2) Michael Jackson: 'Thriller'
3) Buddy Baker and Xavier "X" Atencio: 'Grim Grinning Ghosts'
4) Richard O'Brien: 'Time Warp'
5) Rob Zombie: 'Dragula'
6) Bobby (Boris) Pickett: 'Monster Mash'
7) Ray Parker, Jr.: 'Ghostbusters'
8) Gerard McMann: 'Cry Little Sister'
9) Blue Oyster Cult: '(Don't Fear) The Reaper'
10) Alice Cooper: 'Welcome To My Nightmare'

Click the link below to download --

--> 10 Best Halloween Songs <--

You can also click here to see AOL's list of Best Halloween Music CDs.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FMOF Monster Files: Triple Feature

I'm quickly running out of October. So to fit in all of the Monster Files this month I'm gonna feature several of them in the same post.

A great big thank you to my brother Scott and Mike Scott from the Monster Magazines blog for their help in gathering all of these Monster Files.

TCHERNOBOG from issue #151 March 1979 --

TALOS from issue #154 June 1979 --

HAL from issue 156 August 1979 --

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Photos - 2000s

My Son, Freddie
2001 - My son as Freddie.

Halloween 2003
2003 - Former co-worker Ron as Gilligan and me as the Skipper.

Halloween 2004
2004 - Me as Uncle Fester. Probably my favorite costume.

Halloween 2004
2004 - My nephew Seth as the Hamburglar.

Halloween 2004
2004 - Frankenstein jack-o-lantern I carved.

Halloween 2005
2005 - Me as Fat Albert.

Halloween 2005
2005 - Ron as Scooby-Doo.

Halloween 2005
2005 - Ron (Orko) and his friends as the Masters of the Universe.

2005 My Son The Headless Butler
2005 - My son as the headless butler.

2005 was the last year we dressed up.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween With Erich Kunzel

Here's a Halloween compilation I put together featuring Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Sadly Mr. Kunzel passed away in September. These tracks come from several CD's that I found at my local library.

Track Listing

1. Alien - Closing Theme
2. Godzilla - A Stroll in New York City
3. Godzilla - Main Title
4. Mighty Joe Young - Dedication and Windsong
5. Poltergeist - Carol Ann's Theme
6. The Mummy - The Sand Volcano
7. The Witches of Eastwick - Mozart: Allegro from Eine kleine Nachtmusik
8. The Witches of Eastwick - Puccini: Nessun dorma! from Turandot
9. The X-Files - What's That Hum?
10. The X-Files - Threnody in X
11. Twilight Zone, The Movie - End Title
12. War Of The Worlds - Prelude

Click the link below to download --

--> Halloween With Erich Kunzel <--

Also, his wonderful Halloween CD Chiller is available at Universal Horror Sounds.

Check out my post from last year Halloween With John Williams & The Boston Pops.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Soupy Sales, RIP

"I don't mind you guys comin' 'round my house," Soupy Sales once said to the off-camera guys cracking up at his jokes, "but why'd you have to bring cameras in?" His afternoon TV show, aimed at kids and running in Detroit, Los Angeles and New York off and on from the 1950s through the '70s, had the seeming informality of a friendly fellow you'd hire to entertain the tots. He'd crack venerable jokes, play with puppets, teach the occasional verity ("Don't eat just before dinner") and, at the end, get a custard pie in the face. Simple stuff, really, but delivered with a brio that kept generations of children giggling. So his death Thursday, at 83, in a Bronx hospice after years of declining health, has to raise a tear, and a reflective silly grin.

Born Milton Supman in Franklinton, North Carolina, he served in the Navy during World War II and earned a journalism degree from Marshall College. In his first radio gigs, he called himself Soupy Hines, but changed it to Soupy Sales when he got a radio-TV spot in Cleveland. He later said he left that job, for health reasons — "they got sick of me." He clicked in Detroit, though, with his first TV kid-show in 1953. Supported by puppeteer Clyde Adler and a crew that provided the laughter (Soupy rarely worked before a live audience), he adapted the hip lunacy of TV's avant-comic Ernie Kovacs to his own sunny personality, frequently telling his viewers, "I love you and give ya a big kiss." They returned the affection. Lunch With Soupy Sales soon gained converts of all ages, and went national in 1959. For a brief spell in the early '60s he was a prime-time star; Frank Sinatra showed up to get a pie in the face.

Read the full story at

To tie this in with The Countdown to Halloween, click here to download Soupy's song "My Baby's Got a Crush On Frankenstein".

Halloween Photos - 1990s

Halloween 1990
1990 - The devil made me do it, again.

Halloween 1991
1991 - My brother: NORM!

Halloween 1995
1995 - Putting my face on.

Halloween 1995
1995 - Tom, Brianna, me, Eric

Halloween 1996
1996 - This was the first Halloween with my future wife, and the only time she's dressed up.

My Son The Scarecrow
1996 - My son the scarecrow.

Halloween 1996
1996 - Me, The Creech and my son at a local hayride.

These next four photos are of my son from 1997 to 2000 (I think). I'm not sure of the year each one was taken.
My Son The Pirate
My Son The Vampire
My Son The Wolfman
My Son The Zombie


About a week ago I had a give-away. The winner is phillyradiogeek from the blog Me and You and a Blog Named BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!. Congratulations.