Monday, May 26, 2014

Flea Market Finds - Memorial Day Edition

My Memorial Day started with a trip to the Hartville Marketplace and Flea Market. Me, my wife, brother and nephew piled in the van and got to the flea market around 9:00 am. This is the stuff I bought by the time I left a little after noon.

The Incredible Hulk Colorforms Adventure Set from 1978. The box is kind of beat-up, but I'm really glad to ad this to my Hulk collection. I paid $4.00 for it.

I think it's probably missing a few pieces and, of course, it doesn't have the board to stick the pieces on.

Funny Face Drink Mix Freckleface Strawberry cup from the early 70s. My brother and I had all of these when we were kids. I think my mom sold them in a garage sale. Paid $2.00.

Various little figures for 25¢ each. McDonald's Mac Tonight. Pruneface and two Dick Tracy's. Bugs and Daffy. Oscar the Grouch. And a Hulk reading a book. I'm sure I already have a couple of these, but I couldn't pass them up for a quarter each.

A vintage rubber gorilla jiggler (1960s?/King Kong?) for $1.00 (not sure what the white stuff on his foot and armpit is, but I peeled it off after I took the photo). Six Million Dollar Man engine block $1.00. Snowflake scrapbook stickers 25¢. Two unopened boxes of of Comic Images/Previews promo cards 50¢ each. My brother bought two old Hulk Hot Wheels for $5.00. I wasn't sure If I had this one. Turns out I did, but his was in better shape. He traded me. What a swell brother!

Newsweek and US magazines from 1978 featuring Battlestar Galactica on the covers. $1.00 each.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! I have a pretty big collection of Bathroom Readers. Paid $1.00. The Dynamite Party Book from 1978 for 50¢.

That's a pretty good haul for $14.75!

I also bought some fruits and veggies, but you don't want to see pictures of them. :)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Good Day At The Grocery Store!

I went grocery shopping earlier today and found a couple of awesome snacks.

Avengers Cheese Nips! They were on sale and I had a coupon. Score!!!

Jif Peanut Butter cereal! No freakin' way! I LOVE Jif! I eat about a jar a week. Can't wait to try these!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Dick Ayers, R.I.P.

Another of silver age greats is gone.

I took the above picture of Dick Ayers at the Pittsburgh Comicon back in 1997.

From Bleeding Cool --

Roy Thomas wrote to the Timely-Atlas-Comics mailing list, then passed to Bleeding Cool,
It’s my sad fate to relate that I received word a little while ago from Fred Ayers that his father has passed away yesterday, May 4, a few days after his 90th birthday. Stan and I had each sent greetings, as doubtless did some of you. I know no other details at present. 
His first comics work publisher in World War II newspapers in 1942, Dick Ayers began work for Dell after the war. He studied under Burne Hogarth and worked for Joe Shuster‘s studio, before drawing horror comics for Marvel-predecessor Atlas Comics and Charlton.

However  he is best known for being Jack Kirby‘s inker in the fifties and sixties, primarily at Marvel Comics on the Fantastic Four, as well being as the penciller for Sgt Fury And His Howling Commandoes for ten years, nicknamed “Daring” Dick Ayers. He also created the original fifties Western version of Ghost Rider.

Ayers kept working into the noughties, and was a keen attendee of comic conventions, where he found a new brace of fans. He was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2007.

Incredible Hulk print that Dick Ayers autographed for me.

Sue Storm print he signed for my brother.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

My Free Comic Book Day and More!

Here's a recap of my amazing Free Comic Book Day. It was quite the road trip. We hit seven different comic shops in about eight hours. It rained a couple of times, but we mostly had nice weather.

Here's all of the free comics I got. Mostly this year's books with a few from past years thrown in.

Some of the other free stuff I got. Temporary tattooss, pins and a sucker.

Here's some stuff I got before FCBC started. Friday night I went to Ollie's Bargain Outlet and found this Hulk and Wolverine two pack. And the Hot Wheels Enterprise my brother found at K-Mart and gave it to me Saturday morning.

Here's our nerdly crew. Me in the Wolverine shirt. My brother Scott (Iron Man shirt) and his son (Fantastic Four shirt). Our friend Kathy (Transformers shirt), her daughter (Deadpool shirt) and her friend (non-comic related shirt).

First stop Kenmore Komics & Games.

Kenmore is my regular comic shop, so I picked up a couple of my new books and a couple of packs of Marvel Universe 2014 trading cards.

I pulled a sketch card from one of the packs. Silver Surfer by artist Marcelo Ferreira.

Second stop The Toys Time Forgot.

Cat burglar?

Third stop Heroic Adventures.

Fourth stop Quaker Square News Stand.

I met artist Carter Allen. His website Candle Light Press.

I bought a Megalon sketch card from Mr. Allen.

Fifth stop JC Comics & Cards.

JC the owner.

I bought The Essential Luke Cage: Power Man Vol. 2.

Sixth stop Off The Wagon.

Seventh stop Collector's Palace.

Collector's Palace mascot.

I bought a Palisades Micronauts Time Traveler Dynamic Forces Exclusive and five packs of cards.

On our way home. What a fun day!

Later that night, my wife and I stopped at Goodwill and I bought some books. They were all 1/2 off. I paid around $2.40 for all of them.

Happy Star Wars Day!

Today is May the 4th, Star Wars Day! Head on over to my Facebook page where I'll be sharing Star Wars posts for most of the day.