Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Orca (1977) OST

Presented for your listening pleasure today is the soundtrack to the 1977 movie Orca. Music by Ennio Morricone.

Someone over at the Manchester Morgue blog was looking for this soundtrack. I don't remember where I originally got it from, so thanks to the original uploader.

Track Listing

1. Orca
2. Early Ices
3. Intermezzo
4. Dialogue Of The Memories
5. The Fight, The Victory, The Death
6. A Ball At Home
7. Nocturne For A Remorse
8. Attack And Mistake
9. Opening And Encounter
10. Arrival At The Pole
11. Orca - Finale
12. Orca (performed by Carol Connors)

Click the link below to download --

--> Orca OST <--

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Coming Attractions

Here's the trailers for some movies that were recently released or are coming out in theaters this year that look interesting to me. All clips courtesy of Video Detective.

Cloverfield - In Theaters 1/18/2008
Meet The Spartans - In Theaters 1/25/2008
10,000 BC - In Theaters 3/7/2008
Horton Hears A Who - In Theaters 3/14/2008
Iron Man - In Theaters 5/2/2008
Speed Racer - In Theaters 5/9/2008
Get Smart - In Theaters 6/20/2008
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army - In Theaters 7/11/2008
The Dark Knight - In Theaters 7/18/2008
Star Trek - In Theaters 12/25/2008

And here's some that are coming to home video this year.

Justice League: The New Frontier - In Stores 2/28/2008
Alien vs. Predator: Requiem - In Stores 4/1/2008
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street - In Stores 4/1/2008
I Am Legend - In Stores 5/1/2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2007 Rondo Awards

Here is the official ballot for the SIXTH Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror awards, recognizing the best in monster research, creativity and genre appreciation.

These awards are by fans, for fans. Every Rondo nominee is being recognized for a significant achievement in the genre.

Click on the banner below to vote --

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vampira, RIP

Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira, passed away peacefully in her sleep January 10 at age 86.

Here's a mini biography from IMDb.

The original glamour ghoul herself, "Vampira," of late night 50s TV, was actually born Maila Syrjäniemi (later changed to the easier surname Nurmi) on December 11, 1921, in Petsamo, Finland. Her uncle was the multiple Olympic medal runner Paavo Nurmi. Maila arrived in the United States with her family as a baby and lived a rather nomadic existence at first as her father was a writer who lectured on temperance.

It was director Howard Hawks, of all people, who discovered Maila while she was performing in Michael Todd's Grand Guignol midnight show "Spook Scandals." Hawks escorted the lovely blonde beauty to Hollywood with the hopes of grooming her into the next Lauren Bacall. Cast in the film version of the Russian novel "Dreadful Hollow," the project was put on hold so many times that Maila walked out of her contract in frustration. She became a cheesecake model and an Earl Carroll dancer for several years in his revues, sharing a chorus line at one time with future burlesque stripper Lili St. Cyr.

Married at the time to child actor-turned-screenwriter Dean Riesner, she came up with the idea of "Vampira" at a masquerade contest where she based her costume on Charles Addams' New Yorker cartoons. Heavily painted up with long fingernails, a mane of raven-colored hair, and slim-waisted black attire, the Morticia gimmick won the best costume award that night...and more. She caught the attention of local TV and was placed under contract to Channel 7 in Hollywood to see if she could encourage late night viewers to stay up and watch its regular programming of cheapjack horror schlock. The macabre madam was a genuine hit (for one season, at least, in 1954-1955), adding a sexy nuance and silly double entendres to her campy horror set. She earned an Emmy nomination in 1954 for "Most Outstanding Female Personality." Fan clubs sprouted up all over the world. She appeared in "Life," "TV Guide" and "Newsweek" magazine articles, and could be seen around and about town and in Las Vegas judging contests and making variety special appearances. Songs were written about the "Queen of Horror." She even appeared with arms outstretched and ghoulishly attired in the worst cinematic turkey of all time, Edward D. Wood Jr.'s Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959), as Bela Lugosi's zombie-like mate, for which she is infamously associated. Lugosi actually was a fan of hers and had always wanted to work with her. Wood shot some footage of her years later as a tribute to Lugosi (he died in 1956 during filming) and added it before the film's release.

By the late 50s, Maila's extended "15 minutes" of fame was over. With her career at stake (pun intended), she stretched things out with haphazard appearances in abysmal movies [The Beat Generation (1959); Sex Kittens Go to College (1960)] before closing the lid permanently on "Vampira." In later years, Maila divorced her writer/husband and became passionately involved in animal protection rights. A painter on the sly, she created some "Vampira" portraits that became a collector's item. Living very modestly in Southern California, she did appear in a tiny gag cameo in the film I Woke Up Early the Day I Died (1998).

Read more about Vampira on Wikipedia.

Here's some clips courtesy of Vampire's Attic on YouTube.

ABC Salutes Vampira

Plan 9 From Outer Space Trailer

The Vampira Show - 1954

And here's a video clip from CaPlanePourMoi.

Vampira - The Glamour Ghoul

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gone In '07

Continuing my fascination with celebrity death, here is a partial list of famous people who left us in 2007. This list comes from Who's Alive and Who's Dead. Visit the website here. Or join the Yahoo! group here.

See my list from last year - Gone In '06.


January 1 - Del Reeves, country singer ("Girl on the Billboard"), after a lengthy illness, 74
January 4 - Steve Krantz, film & TV producer ("Fritz the Cat"), of complications from pneumonia, 83
January 7 - Bobby Hamilton, auto racer (NASCAR), of cancer, 49
January 8 - Yvonne De Carlo, actress (Lily Munster in "The Munsters"), of natural causes, 84
January 9 - Carlo Ponti, film producer ("Doctor Zhivago"), of a lung ailment, 94. He was the husband of actress Sophia Loren
January 16 - Ron Carey, actor (Officer Levitt on "Barney Miller"), of a stroke, 71
January 17 - Art Buchwald, columnist, of kidney failure, 81
January 18 - Brent Liles, punk rock bassist (Social Distortion), hit by a truck, 43
January 19 - Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow, pro wrestler, 45. He was found dead on 19 January
January 19 - Denny Doherty, pop singer (The Mamas and the Papas), after a brief illness, 66
January 23 - E. Howard Hunt, spy/author/Watergate conspirator, of pneumonia, 88
January 27 - Tige Andrews, actor (Capt. Greer on "The Mod Squad"), 86
January 30 - Sidney Sheldon, writer ("The Naked Face"), of complications from pneumonia, 89
January 31 - Lee Bergere, actor (Abraham Lincoln on "Star Trek"), 88
February 4 - Barbara McNair, actress ("They Call me MISTER Tibbs!"), of throat cancer, 72
February 6 - Frankie Laine, singer ("Rawhide" theme), of heart failure, 93
February 8 - Anna Nicole Smith, model (Playboy), accidental drug overdose, 39
February 8 - Joe Edwards, comic artist (Archie), after a lengthy illness, 85
February 9 - Ian Richardson, actor (British, "Would you have any Grey Poupon?"), 72
February 10 - Charles R. Walgreen Jr., retailer (Walgreen's), 100
February 17 - Mary Kaye, guitarist/singer (The Mary Kaye Trio), of lung and heart failure, 83
February 24 - Bruce Bennett, aka Herman Brix, track athlete and actor ("The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"), 100
March 6 - Ernest Gallo, winemaker (E&J Gallo), 97
March 8 - John Inman, actor (Mr. Humphries on "Are You Being Served?"), after a lengthy illness, 71
March 9 - Brad Delp, rock singer (Boston), 55
March 10 - Richard Jenni, stand-up comedian, shot (suicide), 45
March 10 - Lanna Saunders, actress (Sister Marie Horton on "Days of Our Lives"), of complications from multiple scleroris, 65
March 11 - Betty Hutton, actress ("Annie Get Your Gun"), of colon cancer, 86
March 15 - Bowie Kuhn, baseball commissioner (1969-84), of respiratory failure, 80
March 15 - Stuart Rosenberg, film director ("Cool Hand Luke"), of a heart attack, 79
March 16 - Carol Richards, singer ("Silver Bells"), of kidney failure, 84
March 19 - Calvert DeForest, aka Larry "Bud" Melman, TV performer ("Late Night with David Letterman"), after a lengthy illness, 85
March 19 - Luther Ingram, R&B singer/songwriter ("If Loving You Is Wrong"), of heart failure, 69
March 24 - Henson Cargill, country singer ("Skip a Rope"), of complications from surgery, 66
March 25 - Marshall Rogers, comic artist ("Batman"), 57
April 1 - George Sewell, actor ("Get Carter"), 82
April 4 - Robert Clark, film director ("A Christmas Story"), in an auto accident (hit by a drunk driver), 67
April 4 - Edward Mallory, actor (Dr. Bill Horton on "Days of Our Lives"), after a lengthy illness, 76
April 5 - Mark St. John, rock guitarist (Kiss), from a cerebral hemorrhage, 51
April 6 - Stan Daniels, TV writer & producer ("Taxi"), of heart failure, 72
April 7 - Johnny Hart, cartoonist ("B.C."), from a stroke, 76
April 7 - Barry Nelson, actor ("The Shining"), 89

April 11 - Roscoe Lee Browne, actor (Professor Foster on "The Cosby Show"), of cancer, 81
April 11 - Kurt Vonnegut, novelist ("Slaughterhouse Five"), of injuries from a fall, 84

April 14 - Don Ho, Hawaiian singer ("Tiny Bubbles"), of heart failure, 76
April 15 - Brant Parker, cartoonist ("The Wizard of Id"), of complications from Alzehimer's disease, 86
April 16 - Phyllis Spivak, aka Phyllis Sherwood, model (Playboy), of lung cancer, 69
April 17 - Kitty Carlisle, actress/game show panelist ("To Tell the Truth"), of pneumonia, 96
April 17 - Glenn Sutton, country-western songwriter ("Almost Persuaded"), of a heart attack, 69
April 23 - Boris Yeltsin, Russian president (1991-99), 76
April 25 - Bobby "Boris" Pickett, singer ("Monster Mash"), of leukemia, 69
April 26 - Jack Valenti, film industry executive (Motion Picture Association of America), of complications from a stroke, 85
April 28 - Dabbs Greer, actor (Rev. Robert Alden on "Little House on the Prairie"), of kidney and heart disease, 90
April 28 - Tommy Newsom, bandleader ("The Tonight Show"), of liver cancer, 78
April 30 - Tom Poston, actor (George Utley on "Newhart"), after a brief illness, 85
April 30 - Gordon Scott, actor ("Tarzan's Greatest Adventure"), of complications from heart surgery, 80
April 30 - Zola Taylor, singer (The Platters), from complications of pneumonia, 69
May 3 - Wally Schirra, astronaut (Apollo 7 commander), of a heart attack, 84
May 6 - Theodore H. Maiman, physicist (invented the laser), of systemic mastocytosis, 79
May 7 - Nicholas Worth, actor ("Swamp Thing"), of heart failure, 69
May 10 - Chuck Riley, voice-over announcer, of a kidney problem, 67
May 15 - Jerry Falwell, Protestant minister (Moral Majority), presumably of a heart rhythm abnormality, 73
May 19 - Carl Wright, actor and tapdancer ("Barbershop"), of cancer, 75
May 25 - Charles Nelson Reilly, actor/game show panelist ("Match Game"), of complications from pneumonia, 76
May 27 - Gretchen Wyler, actress/animal rights activist (Dr. Dagmara Conrad on "Dallas"), of complications from breast cancer, 75
June 11 - Mala Powers, actress ("Cyrnao de Bergerac"), of complications from leukemia, 76
June 12 - Don Herbert, TV host ("Mr. Wizard"), of bone cancer, 89
June 17 - Ed Friendly, TV producer ("Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In"), of cancer, 85
June 18 - Hank Medress, pop singer ("The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), of lung cancer, 68
June 20 - J.B. Handelsman, cartoonist ("The New Yorker"), of lung cancer, 85
June 21 - Bob Evans, restaurateur (Bob Evans), of complications from pneumonia, 89
June 25 - Chris Benoit, pro wrestler, hanged (apparent suicide), 40
June 26 - Liz Claiborne, fashion designer, of cancer, 78
June 28 - Howie Schneider, cartoonist ("Eek and Meek"), of complications from heart surgery, 77
June 29 - Joel Siegel, film critic ("Good Morning America"), of colon cancer, 63
June 29 - Fred T. Saberhagen, science fiction writer ("Berserker"), of prostate cancer, 77
July 2 - Robert "Buck" Brown, cartoonist ("Playboy"), following a stroke, 71
July 2 - Beverly Sills, operatic soprano, of lung cancer, 78
July 3 - Boots Randolph, saxophonist ("Yakety Sax"), following a cerebral hemorrhage, 80
July 4 - Bill Pinkney, pop singer (The Drifters), 81
July 5 - Kerwin Mathews, actor ("The 7th Voyage of Sinbad"), 81
July 9 - Charles Lane, actor (Homer Bedloe in "Petticoat Junction"), 102
July 10 - Doug Marlette, cartoonist ("Kudzu"), in an auto accident, 57
July 11 - Lady Bird Johnson, U.S. first lady (1963-69), of natural causes, 94
July 12 - Jim Mitchell, X-rated film producer ("Behind the Green Door"), 63
July 20 - Tammy Faye Bakker, aka Tammy Faye Messner, religious TV broadcaster ("PTL Club"), of cancer, 65
July 25 - Wayne Pratt, antiques appraiser ("Antiques Roadshow"), of complications from heart surgery, 64
July 29 - Tom Snyder, TV host ("The Late Late Show"), of complications from leukemia, 71
July 30 - Ingmar Bergman, film director ("Cries and Whispers"), 89
July 30 - Bill Walsh, NFL football coach (San Francisco 49ers), of leukemia, 75
August 4 - Lee Hazlewood, country singer, ("I'm a Fool"), of cancer, 78
August 12 - Merv Griffin, TV host & game show producer ("Jeopardy"), of prostate cancer, 82
August 13 - Phil Rizzuto, major leaguer & broadcaster (New York Yankees), of pneumonia, 89
August 16 - Max Roach, jazz drummer, after a lengthy illness, 83
August 20 - Leona Helmsley, real estate mogul, of heart failure, 87
August 22 - Keith Knight, actor ("Meatballs"), of brain cancer, 51
September 2 - Marcia Mae Jones, actress ("Heidi"), of pneumonia, 83
September 3 - Steve Ryan, actor (Secretary Hutchinson on "The West Wing"), after a lengthy illness, 55
September 5 - Charlotte Zucker, actress ("The Naked Gun"), of cancer, 86. She was the mother of film producers Jerry and David Zucker
September 6 - Luciano Pavarotti, operatic tenor, of pancreatic cancer, 71
September 6 - Percy Rodriguez, actor (Judge Harper on "Benson"), of kidney problems, 83
September 10 - Jane Wyman, actress (Angela Channing on "Falcon Crest"), 90
September 12 - Phil Frank, cartoonist ("Farley"), of a brain tumor, 64

September 15 - Brett Somers, game show panelist ("Match Game"), of stomach and colon cancer, 83
September 21 - Alice Ghostley, actress (Esmerelda on "Bewitched"), of colon cancer, 81
September 21 - Rex Humbard, Christian TV evangelist ("Cathedral of Tomorrow"), of natural causes, 88
September 22 - Marcel Marceau, mime, 84
September 29 - Lois Maxwell, actress (Miss Moneypenny in James Bond films), of cancer, 80
October 9 - Carol Bruce, actress (Mama Carlson on "WKRP in Cincinnati"), of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 87
October 15 - Nicky James, pop singer (The Moody Blues), from a brain tumor, 64
October 16 - Deborah Kerr, actress ("From Here to Eternity"), of Parkinson's disease, 86
October 17 - Joey Bishop, comedian/TV personality, 89
October 17 - Teresa Brewer, pop/jazz singer ("Till I Waltz Again With You"), of a degenerative brain disease, 76
October 26 - Friedman Paul Erhardt, TV chef ("Chef Tell"), of heart failure, 63
October 28 - Evelyn Knight, singer ("Buttons and Bows"), of lung cancer, 89
October 28 - Porter Wagoner, county-western singer ("Say Forever You'll Be Mine"), of lung cancer, 80
October 30 - Robert Goulet, singer, of pulmonary fibrosis, 73
November 6 - Paul Norris, comic book artist ("Aquaman"), 93
November 6 - Hank Thompson, country singer ("Humpty Dumpty Heart"), of lung cancer, 82
November 10 - Norman Mailer, author ("The Naked and the Dead"), of kidney failure, 84
November 12 - Ira Levin, author ("Rosemary's Baby"), of a heart attack, 78
November 14 - Ronnie Burns, TV performer ("The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show"), of cancer, 72. He was the son of Burns and Allen
November 14 - Michael Blodgett, actor ("Beyond the Valley of the Dolls), apparently of a heart attack, 68
November 19 - Jim Ringo, NFL football player (Green Bay Packers), after a brief illness, 75
November 19 - Dick Wilson, actor (Mr. Whipple in Charmin commercials), of natural causes, 91
November 22 - Reg Park, bodybuilder (Mr. Universe), 79
November 25 - Kevin Dubrow, heavy metal vocalist (Quiet Riot), of a drug overdose, 52
November 27 - J. Robert Cade, doctor/inventor (Gatorade), of kidney failure, 80
November 27 - Sean Taylor, NFL football player (Washington Redskins), shot (homicide), 24
November 27 - Bill Willis, NFL football player (Cleveland Browns), after a brief illness, 86
November 28 - Jeanne Bates, actress ("The Phantom"), 89
November 30 - Evel Knievel, motorcycle stuntman, after a lengthy illness, 69
December 8 - Al Scaduto, cartoonist ("They'll Do It Every Time"), 80
December 12 - Shawn Eckhardt, conspirator in the attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, of natural causes, 40

December 12 - Ike Turner, R&B musician, of emphysema, 76
December 16 - Dan Fogelberg, singer/songwriter ("The Leader of the Band"), of prostate cancer, 56
December 19 - Frank Capra Jr., TV & film executive (EUE Screen Gems Studios), of prostate cancer, 73. He was the son of film director Frank Capra Sr
December 23 - Oscar Peterson, jazz pianist, of kidney failure, 82
December 27 - Tab Thacker, Olympic wrestler / actor ("Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol"), after a lengthy illness, 45