Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lily Munster DID NOT Die

This was posted by Prof. Anton Griffin at The Universal Monster Army a few days ago. I couldn't agree more.

"So…everyone keeps saying that Lily Munster passed away.

Wait a minute, strike that. She was already dead, a vampire in fact…
with lots of powers and life eternal. She lived hundreds of years.

She epitomizes the Vampire Bride look, and oh, she looks oh so
wonderful in her flowing gossamer gown. She is Iconic, with white
streaks in her hair, her pale green complexion…and who can forget

And everyone keeps saying she died.
No…she's undead. She can't die, unlike her mortal soul-mate,
Morticia Addams, Lily is a creature of the night. When Carolyn
Jones passed away I felt very sad, as Morticia Addams had died…but
with Lily…well. As Prof. Lampini, (Uncle Forry himself would say) Lily lives eternal.

Yvonne De Carlo was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on September
1, 1922 as Peggy (or Margaret- depending on who you ask)
Middleton. She was a natural talent and spent the early part of
her career singing and dancing in chorus lines. She struggled
through countless bit-parts, in numerous minor roles and as many
breathtaking bathing beauties. Her break-out role was the title
role in Universal's Salome Where She Danced and she continued her
rise to the Hollywood elite playing many major westerns and even
crossed the desert with Moses (Charlton Heston) in The Ten
Commandments. She took the role of Lily Munster in 1964 and never imagined
it would be her signature role, her legacy.

Lily Munster became a cultural icon and along with the great
ensemble cast of Herman, Grandpa, Eddie and Marilyn, they will live
forever, remain ageless…never changing and never leaving our group

Lily: Herman tried to build a ship inside a bottle. We had to break
the bottle to get him out.

Yes, Yvonne De Carlo died…but we still have Lily. We'll always have
Lily, and thankfully there's a whole lot of that Peggy Yvonne
Middleton left on the screen…

Rest in Peace Peggy.

And Long Un-Life to Lily Munster."


Marty Weil said...

nice munsters ephemera...looks's nice to see them get their due. Cool post.

scott davidson said...

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