Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I collect autographs, among many other things. Some of them I get at comic book or monster conventions and I occasionally write to a star and ask them for an autograph. My favorite way to get them is to send an email. Not all celebrities respond to an email, but some do. One of the best places to get addresses for 'through the mail' or 'email' autographs is Star Collector.

I got these two autographs (Judge Judy and Doris Day) in less than a week after emailing them. Check out Star Collector and have fun.

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Anonymous said...

I discovered the Doris Day I did not know in an incredible movie called " My Dream is Yours".
One morning at 6 am on Turner Classic Movies. The Voice, the Look, the Clothes,The Color,the Music, the Singing.. all wowed me. A 10 out of 10.
Another movie 10 out of 10 was "It Happened in Maine" with Jack Lemmon,
Another 9 out of 10 was Romacnce on the High Seas.
Superb woman. She became know for her 1960's comedies but her best work was the early stuff and especially My Dream is Yours.