Thursday, October 02, 2008

Halloween Commercials

WOW! The number of bloggers having a Halloween Countdown keeps growing. It's gonna be tough to keep up with all of them.

Burger Chef (1976)

Pepsi/Doritos (1991)

McDonald's (Late 80's)

Woolworth/Woolco (1970's)

Woolworth/Woolco (1978)


UniversalHorror said...

Erick, no offense, but you've got way TOO much on your blog page (at least on the main page) bogs your blog down to the point that I can't just click on Comments to psot a reply unless I click on the post heading, and even then I have to click stop to stop the loading just to get the Comments window to open up. I think part of the problem (and I have high-speed internet) is there's just too much to load onto your page, and a lot of that is the strip on the right of all the individual blogs for the Halloween Countdown....a nifty idea just to alert people to the newest Halloween posts for those blogs....but it's simply too much and takes way too long to load. Bogs down the enjoyment of trying to browse your blog or at least read everything. :-(

Erick said...

No offense taken. Thanks for letting me know. I simplified the blog list in the sidebar. I hope the page loads easier now. It might also be the YouTube videos. I know when I visit a blog with a bunch of them, the page takes forever to load.

Todd Franklin said...

These are great! I dig the Burger Chef one!

Azathoth said...

I had to limit the number of posts that display on one page on my blog because of posting youtube vids - they do tend to lag things up nicely.

JJ said...

Fang-tastic post, Erick !!
I agree with the comments about You Tube videos slowing down the page loading process.
Don't know if you were aware of it but the Woolworth / Woolco (1978) clip is actually No.8 in a series of 13 clips which make up the Burger Chef (1976) post.
Similarly, the McDonald's (Late 80's) clip is No.2 in a series of 15 clips from the Pepsi/Doritos (1991) post.
You might be able to speed your page load up further by removing the 2 later postings which are essentially repeats.
Also, if anyone wasn't aware of the multi-clips, they're worth going through (28 in all, if you have time!!) as the main ones featured are just the tip of the iceberg. There's some GREAT stuff there !!
Yours ghouly,


Kirk D. said...

I love the music on the 1978 Woolworths clip. It sounds familiar and I wonder where it came from.