Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Scream, You Scream!!

I've been awarded the "You make me SCREAM!!" blog award by Paul from The Cobwebbed Room. Thanks Paul, you're blog is fangtastic also! Please visit The Cobwebbed Room for everything "monsters and horror in british popular culture." This award was originally created by JennyB from the blog Memoirs Of A Scream Queen....

The rules for the award are as follows: thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog, then give this award to 10 blogs that make you want to SCREAM!! for joy. The blogs that make you SCREAM!! with excitement every time you see that they updated their blog.

Here's 10 blogs that make me SCREAM!! --

Adventures in Nerdliness
Check The Cool Wax
Chuck Norris Ate My Baby
Highbury Cemetery
Moongem Comics
My Two Yen Worth
Neato Coolville
The Sexy Armpit
The Surfing Pizza


Michael Jones said...

Thanks Erick! Maybe I'll gain a few followers. On the other hand, today I LOST a follower. Oh well.

Unknown said...

WHOA! that is awesome thank you so much brotha! I greatly appreciate you including me!

Matt-suzaka said...

I really appreciate the shout-out, Erick! Now, where in the hell is this ice cream everyone keeps yapping about?!

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks for the neato Scream Erick!