Friday, January 23, 2015

After Christmas Clearance

I know, I'm really late with my posts. I bought this stuff weeks ago. I also still have my tree up. I'm just very behind so far this year. :)

Did you any good deals after Christmas? Everything I bought, I got for 50 to 70 % off.

I got the black tree I was looking for after Halloween! Yay! It's 4 ft. tall and pre-lit with clear lights. But, I bought purple lights to put on it. It was originally $25 at Walmart, I got it for $6.25! Wheee! Can't wait to put this up next Halloween!

Got three new ornaments, C-3PO and two Tinkerbells for my wife. Some mini nutcrackers, lots of new lights and a few other misc. decorations.

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