Saturday, February 07, 2015

I Got Some New Toys

Well, some of them are old. But, they're new to me!

For Christmas my wife bought me a Marvel Select Abomination figure. Unfortunately, I already had it. So, we took it back to The Toys Time Forgot and exchanged it for some other stuff.

 Land of the Lost Safari Shooter made by Larami in 1975. Still in original packaging with unpunched header card. This covered the cost of Abomination. But, I needed more toys! So, I bought these...

 A new ReAction Pinhead. 1979 Durham Incredible Hulk figure. 1982 Incredible Hulk pop-up book.

Last week at Salvation Army I found the following items:

 Lite-Brite from 1994. I plugged it in and it didn't work. Hopefully it just needs a new bulb. It was only 99¢!

 Lunch Boxes puzzle from 2012. I'm guessing the -1 written on the box means it's missing a piece. It's still cool and also was 99¢.

 Mrs. Potato Head from 1985. She looks pretty complete. Did she come with any other parts? Only paid $1.99.

 UFO Encounters book published by Scholastic in 1978.

And finally I bought these 14 x 11 inch metal comic book signs for $1.99 each at a local grocery store/closeout store called Marc's. They also had a Hello Kitty sign, but I didn't buy it.


Dr. Theda said...

We read that UFO book as a kid... cool toys , good Sir...

Erick said...

Thank you Dr. I remember that UFO book also. I may still have a copy of it somewhere.

Tom said...

Cool find on the Land of the Lost game. I also have that UFO book. I love Scholastic Books. I always grab the vintage ones at garage sales.

Erick said...

It seems everyone has or had that UFO book. Tom, your the fourth person to say so. Me too on the vintage Scholastic books.