Saturday, March 21, 2015

Looking For 'Rue Morgue Radio Presents Hymns From the House of Horror Vol. II'

Back in July of 2011 Rue Morgue posted a free download of a compilation called 'Rue Morgue Radio Presents Hymns From the House of Horror Vol. II'. Unfortunately, it's long gone from their website. Someone emailed me looking for a copy of it and truthfully, I wouldn't mind having it also. I'm sure I had it at one time, but I lost a lot of files on my old computer. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks!


Jeremy Hawkins said...

Is it this one...?

Hymns From the House of Horror Vol. II tracklisting:

1. The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets – Shhh…
2. GWAR – Zombies, March!
3. Corpusse – Blood Will Have Blood
4. Kill Murder Killers
5. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise
6. Memphis Morticians – 13 O’Clock Rock
7. Kreeps – You Can’t Give Me Anything
8. Spooklight feat. Ryan Lindsey – Suck Me
9. Zombies of the Dead
10. RAMMER – A Questionable Obsession with the Recently Deceased
11. Timber Timbre – Bad Ritual
12. The von Drats – Phantom Chop
13. The Crypt Club – Crushed
14. The Young Werewolves – Wrong Turn
15. Day of the Rocks
16. The Mission Creeps – Monster
17. Calabrese – Violet Hellfire
18. The Other – Can’t Stop the Monster Kids
19. The Creeping Cruds – Get Up and Kill
20. Murder on the Gondola
21. So Sick Social Club feat. Madchild – Birthday
22. Squid Lid – Tongue Sandwich (Water Creature Remix)
23. The Brains – Screaming
24. Blood Ceremony – Oliver Haddo

I have this one... I can share too you... email me.

Erick said...

That's it Jeremy! Thank you. Sending you an email.