Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Domo Arigato - Toys From Japan

Michael Jones runs the incredibly cool blog My Two Yen Worth. He lives in Japan and we occasionally send each other stuff. The last time was in January 2013. You can read about that here.

A month or so ago he sent me another box of Japanese goodies. Check it out --

He knows of my love for the Incredible Hulk and, boy, did he come through with some great Japanese Hulk toys! Wow!

Some really cool Star Wars stuff. I love it!

I was wondering why he sent me this baby sock. First of all, it's not a sock. It's some sort of bottle cozy. And it was full of little Star Wars stickers! Yay!

Japanese movie programs from the two Hulk movies, The Avengers and Godzilla: Final Wars.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon holding Pepsi Man's limp body bottle caps.

 Avengers bag.

Spider-Man and Wolverine.

And some stuff with characters I don't know. :)


Bob Johns said...

In that second picture, I really like the artwork for the Hulk something about his look is neat! Great score I really enjoy My Two Yen's Worth blog as well he shows some pretty cool things!

xXShulkieXx SMASH! said...

I am sooo Jealous! I love that Hypermotions Hulk action figure! I gotta look and see if I can find it online, it just looks so cool!

Awesome Hulk stuff Erick!

xXShulkieXx SMASH! said...

I have a tough question for you Erick.

Out of all of the Hulk stuff you've been collecting over the years, what is you most prized possession in your collection?

Bro Midnight said...

The last picture middle character is from a fantastic anime called Parasite. Really cool stuff

Erick said...

Bob Johns -- It is neat!

Shulkie -- I love that you love the Hulk! My most prized possession? Probably my original Mego Hulk I've had since the 1970s. He's not in mint condition and he has screws in his knees but I've had him for 40 years!!! How big is your Hulk collection? What's your favorite pieces?

Bro Midnight -- Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a cool blog! I love checking your stuff out!

Erick said...

Thanks Anon. :)

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