Wednesday, October 09, 2019

It's a Hee Haw Halloween!

Did you know that the hosts of the television series Hee Haw each recorded a monster song during their careers?

Roy Clark released "Spooky Movies" in 1963 and Buck Owens released the song "(It's a) Monster's Holiday" in 1974.

Check out the videos below.

Also, Ben Cooper released a Hee Haw costume.


top_cat_james said...

What does David Letterman have to do with Hee Haw?

I pity the disappointed youngsters hoping to be Archie Campbell or Lulu Roman.

Anonymous said...

I'm British so I don't what Hee Haw is.

Anonymous said...

That should have been: I don't KNOW what Hee Haw is :)

Dr. Theda said...

Live in a small town in the rural South.... Grew up watching this show as a kid... Nice post....
Wishing you and yours a great Holiday Season !!