Friday, October 28, 2022

7-Inch Halloween Records

I apologize for not posting much during this year's Countdown to Halloween. I started off the month really excited about posting, but then I just didn't. I'm not sure why. Maybe my blogging days are behind me. There are still a few days left, let's see what I can do. :) 

Here are the 7-inch Spooky records in my collection.


Phillyradiogeek said...

I used to have that Monster Mash record! I was kind of afraid of it,to be honest; I was very young (and stupid). :)

Caffeinated Joe said...

Great round up of albums and art!

Hear you about blogging. I just use tumblr now, but the lack of interaction doesn't help making me excited about continuing. Times change, I suppose.

Hope you have been enjoying the season, at least.