Sunday, October 20, 2019

I Tried Wednesday's Web-Cakes at IHOP

The wife and I went to IHOP for breakfast on Sunday morning. I really wanted to try something from their Addam's Family menu, so I ordered the Wednesday's Web-Cakes. They are regular pancakes with white frosting, chocolate  spider webs and purple whipped cream. They were good, but they're really sweet. You probably don't need syrup on them. Has anyone else tried anything from IHOP's Addam's Family menu?


Bob Johns said...

We want to go just have not had a chance! They look fun.

Lady M said...

Your pancakes look so much better than the ones we got at IHOP - ours were a hot mess. And I agree, you certainly don't need syrup as they are really sweet. You appear to be enjoying them.

Phillyradiogeek said...

I had them as well and highly enjoyed them! You're right, you definitely do NOT need syrup on them!

I wanted to try the hot chocolate or milkshake but chickened out. I felt weird getting more than the Webcakes for some reason.